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Community tools for Among Us

Join Good Loss to have access to the best available tools for the popular game Among Us.

Lots of mods

Download Mod Manager for Windows to have easy access to every public mods for Among Us. In less that 2 clicks, you can already play any mod you want with your friends. Let's try them all !

Personnal account

We provide Challenger mod which add many new roles to the game. But that's not all ! You can also have access to a personnal account with many cool features such as game stats and ranking.

Modder access

Are you making mods ? If so, you can manage your mods here so they can be available inside Mod Manager for the community.

And it's free !

We are always looking for new tools or features to provide. And in particular, we are working each week on your to improve Mod Manager & Challenger. And guess what ? Everything is free !